Welcome to the all-new www.office365.ie, brought to you by IT.ie. As a premium Microsoft Partner, we offer the very latest in Microsoft Office 365 products and services.In this first post on our new and improved site I would like to talk to you about GDPR and some of the tools available with Office 365. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be implemented across Europe on the 25th of May 2018. This will affect any business that operates in Europe or holds any kind of data on European Citizens. If you haven’t heard of GDPR by now then it really is time to take your head out of the sand and take action. Read some of my other GDPR pieces below to help you get GDPR compliant.

Microsoft are continually upgrading and updating Office 365 to a point where it really is the all-you-can-eat office solution. With GDPR on the horizon, data compliance is fast becoming a crucial part of trust and reputation management. If you lose trust, it will damage your reputation to a point that you may never fully recover.  Using Office 365 enterprise compliance features and tools certainly won’t get you over the GPPR finish line but it will go a long way to helping you reach it.

Some 365 Compliance Features

Archiving – Use the archive page to enable or disable users archive mailbox. This provide users with an alternate storage location for historical messaging data.

Data Loss Prevention – The DLP page allows you to create policies that help you to protect sensitive information and prevent accidental disclosure. Under GDPR how you store and protect the personal and or financial information of your customers and employees is at the forefront and this feature gives you greater control over its security.

Device Management – This page allows you to manage and secure the mobile devices that connect to your Office 365. You can use the built in Mobile Device Management to set device security policies, access rules and wipe data from devices remotely if they are lost or stolen.

eDiscovery – The eDiscovery page is a vital feature that Microsoft say, have saved their legal department €4.5 m per year. Here you can manage your organisations eDiscovery cases. An eDiscovery case allows you to add members to a case, control what types of actions that specific case members can perform, place a hold on content locations relevant to a legal case, and associate multiple compliance searches with a single case. You can also export the results of any compliance search that is associated with a case. eDiscovery cases are a good way to limit who has access to Content Searches and search results for a specific legal case in your organization. If you have Office 365 Enterprise E5 you can also access Advanced eDiscovery that provides you with comprehensive analytics and allows you to analyse large, unstructured data sets.

Import – This page allows you to import PST files to Exchange Online mailboxes. You can also import data files to your SharePoint.

Permissions – Use this page to give users access to the compliance features that are available within the compliance centre. While it is important that all users practice compliance, you should pay close attention to the permissions each user is given and the data that they have access to.

Retention – This page manages the lifecycle of email and documents by keeping content you need and removing the content you no longer require. The following retention features let you manage how long your organisation retains data.

  • Retention tags and policies – This is used to manage the lifecycle of email by archiving or deleting message that are older than a period specified.
  • Document deletion policy – This is used to delete documents that are located in SharePoint Online site collection are a period specified.
  • Preservation policies – This is used to preserve the content in public folders, mailboxes and sites in your organisation. You can set policies to preserve content indefinitely or for a specified period of time. Date ranges and keywords can also be used to narrow down the content that is to be preserved.

To check the level of compliance features available with your Office 365 subscription, please visit the Security & Compliance Centre availability for Business and Enterprise plans. Here you will also find further information on the Security and Compliance features available in Office 365.

Next week I will cover Microsoft’s Compliance Manager. This is another great Microsoft feature that is works with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Azure.


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