Skype for Business enables teams to communicating and collaborate in real time, connecting people using the familiar Skype experience while providing the enterprise security, compliance and control that businesses expect from Microsoft. Skype for Business is now an integral part of Microsoft Office 365, providing advanced voice and meeting capabilities to Office 365 users.

Skype brings friends, family and colleagues together to have richer, more meaningful experiences. We make it possible to create, share and collaborate from any device. We open up the world to new places and dialogues. Enabling people, everywhere, do things together and understand each other a little better. Skype is the glue that bonds living rooms, classrooms and boardrooms, all over the world. So while we might be humble, our ambition is not. It’s our aim to help people be together and do together, no matter what. Together we can do anything

Communication and collaboration is all
about the human interaction.


With many hotels, cars, airports, restaurants, coffee shops,, and conference rooms you need a single reliable service to keep
you connected to your work.


Considered to be highly organized, ambitious, disciplined, and flexible workers. Skype for Business gives home workers the right
tool to succeed.


Works with ideas, data, and information, highly interactive
with colleagues and customers, and utilizes the different spaces in the workplace to leverage productivity.


Brings people and ideas together to create a higher value by using the universal communication tools that Skype for Business gives it.


The leader, thinker, and creator of
a company’s vision uses Skype for Business to communicate it both
to internal and external audiences.


Customers, vendors, partners, and even family who all want to stay
in touch with the company and its employees.

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